About us

Sim Better Pet Products Co., Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer specialized in cat litters. Company focuses on the production & export of high-quality Private Label Cat Litters and has more than 15 years experience in cat litter.

The Factory is located in Inner Mongolia NingCheng County, the home of bentonite. It is rich in high-quality bentonite mining. Factory has nearly 800,000 tons recoverable reserves.

In 2014, we bought 6000㎡ of industrial land for the construction of tofu cat litter production line. We have mature experience in both production and raw material ratio of tofu cat litter, which has won praise from customers.

We supply OEM & ODM service. There are design team and you will be at ease about package design, packaging, production, loading, booking, final delivery, even customs clearance at destination port if you need.

Our business is covered Southeast Asia, Middle East, America and Europe.

We are striving to provide not only top quality products but timely, relevant content.

The objective of us: There is no best, only better! The pursuit of excellence is endless!


Contact Us

Contact: Sim Better

Phone: +86 15530116190

Tel: +86 15530116190

E-mail: jessica-catlitter@foxmail.com

Add: NingCheng County, Inner Mongolia Province, China.

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