Tofu cat liter

  • Tofu cat litter
  • Tofu cat litter
Tofu cat litter Tofu cat litter

Tofu cat litter

Tofu Cat litter is made of soybean.

Size: 1.5mm, 2.0mm

Shape: Strip, Crushed

1) 100% food grade raw material, nontoxic for pet, even when humans or cats eat it.

2) Fast and strong liquid absorption. Absorption 320% of its own weight. Immediate clumping to hard clumps in seconds.

3) Dust free, protects respiratory health for cats and their owners.

4) Various colors and scent for your choice.

5) Best quality with competitive price .

6) High product hardness and no cake formation on the bottom.

7) Biodegradable and composting for the garden.


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Tel: +86 15530116190


Add: NingCheng County, Inner Mongolia Province, China.

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